The Salesian Society, founded by DON BOSCO, is a world – wide educational organization with Many Schools, Colleges, Agricultural & Technical Schools and Youth Centers throughout the world.

The founder of all this world-wide net work of educational institutions of the most varied kinds was John-Bosco who was born in a little village in Northern Italy in 1815. By hard work and persevering efforts he became a Priest and dedicated his life to the welfare of poor and abandoned youth. His ideas were so far ahead of his times as to be considered revolutionary. He opened Youth – Centre, organized evening classes for working boys, taught them a trade and made them good and honest citizens.

“Work is Prayer” was Don Bosco’s Motto. In a society that aims of progress and security, they could not be better means.

To continue his good work he invited helpers and founded a Congregation which he called Salesians after St. Francis de Sales. Today he is known the world – over as Don Bosco. He died on 31st January 1888.