The Salesian Society, founded by DON BOSCO, is a world – wide educational organisation with Many Schools, Colleges, Agricultural & Technical Schools and Youth Centers throughout the world.

The Founder of all this world-wide network of educational institutions of the most varied kinds was John-Bosco who was born in a little village in Northern Italy in 1815. By hardwork and persevering efforts he became a Priest and dedicated his life to the welfare of the poor and abandoned youth. His ideas were so far ahead of his times as to be considered revolutionary. He opened Youth – Centre, organized evening classes for working boys, taught them a trade and made them good and honest citizens.

“Work is Prayer” was Don Bosco’s Motto. In a society that aims at progress and security, there could not be better means.

To continue his good work he invited helpers and founded a congregation which he called Salesians after St. Francis de Sales. Today he is known the world – over as Don Bosco. He died on 31st  January 1888.

Don Bosco Matric. Hr. Sec. School situated in the midst of thick forests, friendly animals and mountains at the borders of Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Kerala with natural settings for a peaceful and prosperous life, has rightly inherited the symbols of mountains, plants,

trees, sun shine and in particular lamp, book and ball to represent the school. The lamp with its light diffused in the brightness of the sky indicates the longing of human soul of every student for ultimate union with the Divine. Symbolically, the plant that sprouts between two mountains ignites the desire in all students to bloom and shine even in the midst of difficulties and impossibilities keeping in line with formation of education of St. John Bosco. The book and football on either side of a plant visualizes the wholistic formation of an individual through intellectual and physical training as compulsory components of our Don Bosco institution.