Library Timings :

  • All working Days from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Library Cards :

  • Each student will get one General Library card.
  • Every student enrolled in the School should have the Library Card. Books will be issued or renewed only if the student produces the I.D. Card.
  • Library Cards are NON TRANSFERABLE.

Rules :

  • Strict silence shall be observed in the Library.
  • No member shall carry any CD’s, pen drive or any book or periodicals into the library.
  • Books must not be marked or defaced. The pages should not be earmarked. Students should examine each book before borrowing it and report to the Librarian any damage found therein. Should they fail to do so they will be held responsible for any damage detected after their use of the book.
  • Periodicals placed on the magazine racks should not be mishandled. They should be replaced on the racks after use.
  • Staff and students shall make good any book or Library property damaged by them. If any book or computer is damaged, the whole cost shall be borne by the same.
  • If a student fails to return the Library book on due date a fine of Rs.5/- per book per day will be collected. Absence from School shall not be considered as an excuse for delay in returning a book.
  • If the due date happens to be a holiday, the book shall be returned on the next working day.
  • Date labels shall not be tampered with.
  • All books and Library Cards shall be returned at the end of the academic year in the date specified by the Librarian. Library books will not be lent to either students or staff during the Annual vacation.
  • Signing in the register of the Library is compulsory for staff and students.