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Welcome to Don Bosco School, Thalavadi

The Salesian Society, founded by DON BOSCO, is a world-wide educational organization with many schools, colleges, agricultural & technical schools, and youth centers throughout the world. The Founder of all these world-wide network of educational institutions of the most varied kinds was John-Bosco,...

Open Canopy for Daily Assembly

An Open Canopy for Daily Assembly is being Built for the use of our children (Students) at Don Bosco School. Those who wish to support us with financial assistance can contact Fr. Johnson Paulraj, The Correspondent - 9385201413, Flooring, Sound and Electrical expenses can be supported by you. Get in contact with the Correspondent

Our Motto

The motto of Don Bosco Matric. Hr. Sec. School ”Perfection in Perseverance” confirms to the values and precepts to be strictly practiced for realization of the kingdom of God with protection of Heavenly Mother through the preventive system of education of Don Bosco.The common slogans, advertisements and other exciting speeches propagate the concept of perfection but rarely they emphasize the important ways to obtain it.

In this regard, DBMHSS through its own education and formation paves the way to achieve the target through right way of perseverance. “Action speaks louder than words” is the cliché concretely proved and augmented through our implementation of school motto. Hence we wish and hope that we the management, staff, students, parents and well wishers join hand in hand in our efforts of work and formation.

Principal's Message

“There is mindfulness inside you; all it takes is a little exploring” We always talk that students' key to success lies in the hand of the teacher; however I believe that nobody can teach anyone anything. One of our Sanskrit shlokas mention the same that a person grows. One fourth because of the teacher, one fourth from own intelligence, one fourth from surroundings, and one fourth only with time. It takes a whole village to educate a child and indeed it is the responsibility of all adults to create conducive environment where effective learning takes place. An education system that develops the imagination of the child is richer than the one that does not. The imagination is where new ideas are created, and progress becomes possible. This allows students to explore themselves and become aware of their potential.

Correspondent Message

Welcome to DON BOSCO the BRIGHT EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION WITH INTERNATIONAL STANDARD & GLOBAL CONNECTIONS. I, Fr. Johnson Paulraj SDB, The Correspondent am happy to welcome you to one of the best schools in Thalavadi Taluk, Erode District. DON BOSCO is a trusted name for Students and Parents. DON means "Father" and BOSCO means "Forest or Grove". DON BOSCO is a place where your child can find Peace and Solace in every person through our Education. You have made a wise choice by choosing this School on this hill. We thank you for your support. We are committed to giving your child the best care and education every day, so that she/he can excel in life and reach the unreachable star. We do this through our "PREVENTIVE SYSTEM" based on Reason, Faith, and Love.

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Verse of the Day

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.

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